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Member of the Swiss Travel Association (STAR)

1 Object of the AVRB

The present GCTC govern the legal relationship between the customer and Steinemann Vietnam Reisen, hereinafter referred to as travel agency.

1.2 The present GTCTC shall apply if the Travel Agency is the organiser of the booked tour or offers other services in its own name.

2 Conclusion of the contract

2.1 The contract with the travel agency is concluded as soon as the customer's booking has been accepted by the travel agency. From this point on, these GTCB shall apply.

2.2 Special requests shall only become part of the contract if they have been expressly accepted and confirmed by the travel agency.

3 Prices, terms of payment and fees

3.1 The prices can be seen in the offers or price lists. Unless otherwise stated, they are per person in Swiss francs and, in the case of overnight stays, per person in a double room.

3.2 Item 6 is decisive for price changes.

3.3 Upon conclusion of the contract, the travel agency shall determine the amount and due date of the deposit and of the balance payment. If this is not the case, the full price shall be due for payment immediately.

3.4 If the down payment or balance payment is not made on time, the travel agency may withdraw from the contract and claim the costs according to sections 3.5 and 3.6 as well as cancellation costs according to section 4.

3.5 The travel agency may charge costs for advice and reservations, even if the travel agency acts only as an agent.

3.6 The travel agency may levy an additional express surcharge for bookings made at short notice.

4 Changes, cancellation and non-commencement of the trip by the customer

4.1 Changes or cancellation of the booked services by the customer must be notified to the travel agency by registered letter. Any documents already received shall be returned immediately.

4.2 The travel agency shall charge a handling fee for changes to the booked services, even if it only acts as an agent. As a rule, this is not covered by any cancellation insurance.

4.3 In the event of cancellation of the entire trip or parts thereof, the cancellation costs shall be charged in addition to the processing fee, even if the travel agency acts only as an agent.

4.4 In the case of flight-only arrangements, the possible cancellation costs of the airline will be invoiced in addition to the handling fee. These are usually 100% of the price.

4.5 Other conditions are possible. The travel agency will inform you of these when booking.

4.6 Steinemann Vietnam Reisen recommends to always take out cancellation cost insurance including assistance and medical costs, unless these are already included in the booked services.

5 substitute traveller

5.1 If the customer cancels the trip, he/she is entitled to provide a replacement traveler, provided this is accepted by all service providers. The replacement traveler must be willing and able to enter into the contract under the existing conditions. In particular, he must meet any conditions regarding health, vaccinations, official orders, etc.

5.2 The customer and the replacement traveler are jointly and severally liable for the entire price plus the additional costs and handling charges incurred in accordance with section 3.

6 Changes to the contractual service by the travel agency

6.1 The travel agency reserves the right to change advertised services before booking. It shall inform the customer of such changes prior to the booking.

6.2 Price increases after the booking are possible as an exception in the event of an increase in transport costs, the introduction or increase of new charges or government levies, or exchange rate fluctuations.

6.3 The travel agency reserves the right, also in the interest of the customer, to change contractually agreed services for important reasons before the start of the trip. The travel agency shall endeavour to offer the customer equivalent substitute services and to inform the customer of the effects on the price. Further claims by the customer are excluded.

6.4 The customer's rights under Article 8 et seq. of the Package Travel Act are reserved.

7 Cancellation of the trip by the travel agency

7.1 If the customer gives justified cause for this, the travel agency can withdraw from the contract and claim the costs according to sections 3.5 and 3.6 as well as the cancellation costs according to section 4 and compensation for any damages.

7.2 If the required minimum number of participants is not reached, the travel agency may cancel the trip up to 30 days before departure, unless otherwise stated in the invitation to tender. The trip may also be cancelled as a result of force majeure, strikes or official measures or other reasons that make the trip impossible, endanger or considerably complicate it. In all these cases, the travel agency will offer the customer a substitute trip if possible. If this is cheaper, the customer will be reimbursed the price difference. If the customer renounces the substitute offer, the customer will receive a full refund of the price already paid. Further claims of the customer are excluded.

8 Interruption of the journey by the customer

8.1 If the customer interrupts the trip prematurely, the price cannot be refunded. Any services not purchased will be refunded, provided they are not charged to the travel agency. Costs of the return journey shall be borne by the customer.

8.2 The travel agency recommends that the customer takes out appropriate insurance.

9 Complaints during the trip

9.1 Complaints must be reported immediately to the local representative or the service provider and remedy must be requested free of charge. If no sufficient remedy is provided within a reasonable period of time, the customer must have the defect confirmed in writing. The local representation or the service provider are obliged to do so. If the defect is not minor, the customer may provide remedy himself. The travel agency will reimburse the resulting costs against receipt, provided they are within the scope of the agreed contractual services and the customer has complained about the defect and had it confirmed in writing.

9.2 If the customer wishes to assert claims against the travel agency, he/she must do so in writing within 30 days of the contractual end of the trip, otherwise he/she shall lose his/her Rights.

10 Liability

10.1 The travel agency is liable within the framework of Art. 14 et seq. of the Package Travel Act for the careful selection, organisation and procurement of the agreed travel services.

10.2 The Travel Agency shall not be liable for delays or changes to schedules and timetables, nor for expenses incurred as a result.

10.3 The travel agency shall not be liable for the theft or loss of telecommunications equipment, valuables, cash, cheques and credit cards or their misuse.

10.4 The customer is solely responsible for the transport of animals. The travel agency is not liable for this.

10.5 For damage other than personal injury, the liability of the travel agency is limited to a maximum of twice the price of the contractual services, unless the travel agency has caused the damage intentionally or through gross negligence. Liability shall only cover direct damage. The right to lower liability limits in international agreements or national laws is reserved.

10.6 Steinemann Vietnam Reisen recommends the customer to take out appropriate insurance.

10.7 Under no circumstances shall the travel agency be liable for force majeure, strikes, riots, war or terrorist events or official measures of any kind. The customer is obliged to inform himself/herself of any possible dangers that may be connected with the stay in the host country. Liability for lost holiday enjoyment and similar claims is excluded.

11 Entry requirements, travel documents and visas

Information in the travel documents about passport and entry regulations apply only to citizens of the EU and EFTA, unless otherwise stated. The customer himself is responsible for the travel documents and visas. In the event of a possible refusal of entry, the customer must pay the return travel costs himself.

12 Ombudsman

Prior to any possible legal dispute with the travel agency, the customer should contact the independent ombudsman of the travel industry. The Ombudsman will endeavour to reach a fair and balanced agreement. The address is: Ombudsman of the Swiss Travel Industry, 8038 Zurich.

13 Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

13.1 The legal relations between the parties shall be governed exclusively by Swiss law.

13.2 The place of jurisdiction is Hüttlingen