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Halong Bay

Halong Bay (Halong Bay) is an area of about 1,500 km² in the Gulf of Tonkin, in the north of Vietnam. According to official information, in 1969 limestone rocks, mostly uninhabited islands and rocks, some of which are several hundred metres high, protrude from the water. The limestone plateau, which is home to the bay, sinks. In 1994 UNESCO declared the bay a World Natural Heritage Site. Halong Bay, which can be reached via the city of Hai Phong, among others, is one of the largest and most fascinating natural wonders on earth. Boats are very easy to get at every port there are many Vietnamese who want to earn something by tourists.

The bay itself is huge and almost unmanageable. It is worthwhile to drive to some rock formations to visit one of the many caves there, besides, it is possible to penetrate with some rock formations only with a small dinghy into the "inside".